Xishan Several Uunits were Awarded as Provincial ‘Safe Unit’ in 2017

2018-08-16 17:09:42  Views:

Recently, the comprehensive administration office of Taiyuan city and Taiyuan municipal public security bureau jointly issued the notice on naming provincial ‘pacesetter safe unit’ and ‘safe unit’ in 2017.
Xishan Coal and Electricity Diversified Company and Xishan Building were awared as the provincial capital  ‘pacesetter safe unit’, and Guandi Mine, Malan mine, Xiqu mine, Zhencheng mine were named as the provincial capital ‘safe unit’.

Xishan Branch hoped that the winning units would cherish the honor, continue to work hard and create great achievements. At the same time, they called on other units to learn from the winning ones, do a solid job, forge ahead, and make contributions to the construction of a civilized, open, rich and beautiful new Taiyuan.