Wang Yubao Met with Han Yizhuo, Deputy Director of CAS Institute of Coal Chemistry

2018-08-16 17:04:29  Views:

July 20, chairman and secretary of the Party committee of Xishan Coal and Electriciy Group Wang Yubao, and deputy general manager Wang Chengshi, , met with Han Yizhuo, deputy director of institute of coal chemistry of Chinese academy of sciences, to discuss the development project.

Han Yizhuo said that recently Coal Chemistry Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the relevant units visited some related enterprises of Xishan Coal and Electricity Gujiao mining area to research on the planning of coal and chemical industry park. Through investigation, it was found that Xishan Coal and Electricity had superior geographical advantage and resource advantage in the development of coal chemical industry. The institute was willing to provide technical support and business guidance to the enterprises in the coal and chemical industry development, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and finally accelarate the transformation and development of enterprises.

According to Wang Yubao, Xishan Coal and Electricity would expand the coal chemical industry chain project. While developing the main coal industry, it would make full use of existing resources to introduce and develop some new and good projects to promote the transformation and development of the enterprise in the deep processing of fly ash and coal gangue. Experts were also expected to pay more attention to the development of coal and by-product processing in enterprises and provide assistance and support in personnel, technology and projects.