Xishan Coal Electricity Organized Medical Experts to Wuxiang Power Plant for Free Consultation

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July 10, Xishan Coal and Electricity organized the medical experts, most of whom were Democrats and non-Party intellectuals, from Workers General Hospital and Gujiao Mining Hospital to visit Wuxiang Power Plant to hold trauma first aid lectures and conduct voluntary consultation activities.

During the activity, the experts taught the workers some effective ways to deal with the daily trauma first aid and help them to master the first-aiding skills. In the face of the consultation of the miners, the experts also patiently gave detailed answers.

Subsequently, medical experts conducted health consultation and voluntary services for the staff, involving internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation, electrocardiogram, b-ultrasound, blood pressure measurement and other aspects.

This close - to - home voluntary consultation activities were praised by the factory workers.