Wang Yubao Rated as National Ankang Entrepreneurs

2018-07-20 10:15:03  Views£º

July 3, the provincial federation of trade unions inspector Wang Xingwang and municipal federation vice chairman Han Tiezhu entrusted by All China Federation of Trade Unions ( ACFT) came to Xishan Coal and Electricity, on behalf of the provincial government and provincial federation to send the honorary certificate of national Ankang entrepreneurs to Xishan Coal and Electricity Group chairman and Party secretary Wang Yubao ,who was the only entrepreneur winning the honor in 2016-2017 in Shanxi. Meanwhile, Xishan Coal Electricity Group was named the winning enterprise in national ‘Ankang Cup’ contest in 2012-2017 for six consecutive years.

Wang Xingwang said, Xishan Coal and Electricity had accomplished in production safety, staff training, team building and ‘Ankang Cup" contest, etc. for many years .He hoped Xishan could make sustained efforts to provide more care and support to ‘Ankang Cup’ contest activities, be concerned about the physical and mental health of staff, and build all mines of Xishan Coal Electricity to safety production standardization mines at the national level. 

Wang Yubao thanked the care and support of provincial and municipal federation of trade unions for the several years£¬expected all departments of Xishan Coal and Electricity to work with concerned efforts in the future, by conducting "Ankang Cup" contest activities, make the workers devoting themselves to the production safety, improve safety management and finally realize the mine safety production.

It was learned that in the commendation list for 2016-2017 national ‘Ankang Cup’ contest, Xishan Coal and Electricity also won other honors, they were, Malan mine was awarded winning unit, Tunlan Mine Lu Jianyun working team and Dongqu Mine Chen Lihong working team gained the award of winning teams.