Xishan Coal Electricity Convened Commendation Meeting

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June 29, Xishan Coal Electricity Group Company convened grandly the commendation meeting to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the communist Party of China and commend the excellent collectives and individuals emerged over the past year, which motivated the Party members, cadres and workers to remain true to the very beginning mind and stay firm in the great mission, practice the concept of double ‘for’ with more full ideals and beliefs, greater enthusiasm, more pragmatic working style, and actively involved in the construction of the world's most influential coking coal enterprise.

The meeting was presided over by Group Company Party committee deputy secretary Xu Junming, during which vice chairman, Party committee deputy secretary and general manager Guo Fuzhong read the commendation decision, and Party standing committee and secretary of the commission for discipline inspection Wang Yongxin read out the list. Group Company leader Wang Yubao, Guo Fuzhong, Xu Junming, Guo Wenbin, He Zhihong, Wang Yongxin, Yu Lin, Wang Leiying, Li Xiaodong, Dai Yonglu, Yu Jianjun and general counsel Wang Jingying, joint-stock company general manager Fan Dahong attended the commendation meeting and awarded prizes for the advanced units and outstanding individuals.

Wang Yubao, Party secretary and chairman delivered a speech in which he hoped that all party members and cadres could overcome difficulties, forge ahead bravely and take the initiative to build the most influential coking coal enterprise in the world.

In the meeting, advanced units and outstanding individuals emerging during 2017 to 2018 were commended, they were, 12 outstanding Party committees, 12 advanced units in the Party's work style construction, ‘top 10’ excellent Party branch secretary, ‘top 10’ outstanding Party members, 70 advanced Party (general) branch, 159 excellent Party member, 60 outstanding Party workers, and 40 distinguished cadres of discipline inspecting and supervising.