Xishan Coal and Electricity Held Work Safety Publicity and Consulting Day Activity

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At the national seventeenth work safety month, morning of June 16, Group Company held work safety publicity and consulting activity in Xishan workers' stadium to carry out the safety responsibility, popularize safety knowledge, create a safe atmosphere to continue to consolidate the good situation of production safety, Group Company leaders Wang Yubao, Guo Fuzhong, Wang Chengshi, Yu Lin, Li Jian, Dai Yonglu, Yu Jianjun and general counsel Wang Jingying attended.

The activity was presided over by Dai Yonglu, deputy general manager and safety supervision bureau director. Group Company vice chairman, vice secretary of Party committee and general manager Guo Fuzhong pointed out in his speech that the activity aimed to closely round the theme of life supreme and safe development, build up firmly the red line consciousness, popularize safety knowledge, and call for all the cadres and workers to tighten the safety string, gather the spirit, do their duties, vigorously promote the implementation, to ensure the production safety and the smooth realization of the "double half" task of Group Company.

Guo Fuzhong required each unit must recognize the extreme importance of work safety, adhere to the idea of safety first, keep work safety always in mind, grasp it in hand, keep the red line and hold the lifeline with real work results from the height of the politics and the point of long-term development of enterprises.

At the event, Wang Yubao, Guo Fuzhong and other leaders signed solemnly on red banners with writings of Life supreme, safe development and build the world's most influential coking coal enterprises, and then visited the exhibition of safety board.

A consultation desk was also set up at the site to distribute safety publicity materials to the masses passing by and popularize the safety knowledge.