Expert Group of Provincial D& R Commission Came to Research ¡®Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation¡¯

2018-06-13 10:31:13  Views£º

May 23, provincial development and reform commission organized a group of experts to come to Xishan Coal and Electricity Group to investigate the overall implementation of ‘mass entrepreneurship and innovation’ construction, accompanied by the related departments’ officials of Shanxi Coking Coal and Xishan Coal Electricity.

The research group inspected Lei Jinhong Skill Master Studio of Dongqu Mine and the innovation and entrepreneurship base, and subsequently investigated the maker space of Group Company E&I Center.

Expert group gave affirmation to the work of mass entrepreneurship and innovation of two levels of Group Company, and hoped to continue to build platform, provide guarantee, keep a good development trend and promote reform, transformation and development of the enterprise through policy guidance, optimization services, etc..