Wang Yubao Met with Guests of Neusoft Group

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May 10, Xishan Coal and Electricity Group chairman and Party secretary Wang Yubao and deputy general manager Yu Jianjun met with Li Jun, the visiting senior vice president and CMO of Neusoft Group.

Li Jun said that Xishan Coal and Electricity owned advanced management culture, efficient management team, powerful technical advantages and strong economic strength, and he hoped to strengthen exchanges and communication between the both sides and achieve more cooperation.

Wang Yubao said that because of an urgent need for the support of informationization and intelligence in the safe and efficient production and development of Xishan coal and electricity, it expected to a combination of Neusoft Group technology and Xishan management experience to speed up the development process of enterprise information.

It was understood that established in 1991, Neusoft Group co., LTD., engaged in computer, software, hardware and mechanical products development, etc. Taking the software technology as the core, through the three combinations of software and services, software and manufacturing industry, technology and management ability, it provided the industry solutions, product engineering solutions and the related products and services.