Guo Fuzhong Met with CR Phoenix Chief Executive Han Yuewei

2018-06-13 10:28:10  Views£º

May 3, Han Yuewei, chief executive of China Resources Phoenix Medical Holding co., LTD., and his group visited Xishan Coal Electricity to discuss the hospital reform of state-owned enterprise, received by Guo fuzhong, vice chairman, deputy Party secretary and general manager of Group Company, and deputy secretary of the Party committee Xu Junming.

Han Yuewei introduced that as an enterprise majored in health care with a wealth of industry resources and management experience, CR Phoenix once participated in a lot of public hospitals reform and restructuring, expected to provide help on the medical reform of Xishan Coal and Electricity hospitals, and hoped the two sides to strengthen communication, deepen understanding and promote the reform of the enterprise hospitals.

Guo Fuzhong said that Xishan Coal and Electricity paid high attention to the hospital reform, and just CR Phoenix owned a strong power and influence in the medical field and rich experience in hospital management and restructuring reform. As a traditional state-owned enterprise, Xishan reform still had a long way to go, and it hoped to learn more from CRC phoenix and seek the most suitable reform mode and cooperation method for the enterprise.