Li Xiaodong Visits Xishan Trading Co. to Promote Jingdong Favored-buy Project

2018-06-13 10:26:20  Views£º

May 2, Xishan Coal and Electricity Group chief accountant Li Xiaodong went to Trading Company to conduct a special research on the promotion of Jingdong favored-buy project.

At the meeting, the trading company reported the current progress of Jingdong favoured-buy project and the next promotional program.

Li Xiaodong pointed out that the strategic cooperation agreement between Xishan Coal Electricity and Jingdong should be taken as an opportunity to unify a thought and take advantage of the situation to vigorously promote the implementation of the project. It was necessary to find the accurate position, work out a complete promotion plan, perfect pre-sales and after-sales service systems, improve totally the contract and refined management through establishing a professional operation team, to finally build a high-quality and inclusive shopping platform for the enterprise and all the staff.