Wang Yubao Met with General Manager Li Lianjun of Unicom Taiyuan Branch

2018-06-13 10:19:12  Views£º

April 3, Wang Yubao, chairman and party secretary of Xishan Coal Electricity Group, met with general manager and party secretary Li Lianjun of China Unicom Taiyuan branch.

Considering that Xishan Coal Electricity was the long-term users of Unicom Taiyuan branch with a solid strength and good reputation, Li Lianjun promised to give technical support for the enterprise in the mine communication system and family information of the mining area.

Wang Yubao said Xishan Coal and Electricity and Unicom Taiyuan branch had kept friendship and extensive cooperation for many years, and it was a time that Xishan strived to go out of the difficulties and grow bigger and stronger through information and intelligence, so he wished to get technology support from Unicom Taiyuan branch, strengthen communication, learn from each other, develop new technologies, complement one another perfectly and finally achieve win-win cooperation.