Wang Yubao Met with Li Hongbin, General Manager of China Telecom Shanxi Branch.

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March 13, Xishan Coal and Electricity Group chairman and party secretary Wang Yubao, deputy general manager Yu Jianjun met with China Telecom Shanxi Branch general manager Li Hongbin and his group to exchange information construction.

Li said, with the world's largest broadband Internet network and advanced-technology mobile communication network, China telecom could provide customers across- region and full-service integrated information service. He hoped it would be beneficial to the safe and efficient development of coal industry through building information construction platform for the traditional coal industry,.

Wang Yubao said that in the Internet era of rapid development, the information, automation and intelligent construction in coal enterprises, was not only a surest way to improve the mine safety, realize high production and efficiency and enhance the core competitiveness, but also the future development direction of coal industry. It was expected to strengthen communication and contact to realize win-win cooperation in information construction.