Li Xiaodong Met Citic Bank Taiyuan Branch Li Shaohua

2018-03-22 15:00:07  Views£º

Feb. 27, Xishan Coal Electricity Group Company chief accountant Li Xiaodong met with the visiting China Citic Bank Taiyuan Branch vice president and chief risk officer Li Shaohua and his group, the two sides have discussion on M&A financing, financial services and other issues.

Li Xiaodong gave a brief introduction to the company's basic situation and the thinking in the next step. Li said, Xishan Coal and Electricity and Citic Bank had kept friendly and co-operative relations for many years, and he wished that China Citic Bank, as always, could support the development of Xishan, provide more financing opportunities, strengthen communication each other, broaden areas of cooperation and achieve win-win situation.

Li Shaohua said that Citic Bank Taiyuan Branch was full of confidence in the development of Xishan Coal Electricity, and expected to strengthen contacts between the both sides, bring their respective resource advantages into play, explore the direction of cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.