Wang Yubao Researched Contract Management in Coal Gasification Company

2018-03-22 14:58:52  Views£º

February 22, the first day after the festival, Xishan Coal and Electricity Group chairman and party secretary Wang Yubao came to the base line of Coal Gasification Company to bring all the cadres and workers holiday blessings, and at the same time, research the safety, production, management and other work.

Wang Yubao pointed out that it had got obvious effect since the implementation of contract management and it should go further to the details, intensify the efforts, strengthen the management, and strive to realize sustainable development mode; to benchmark the private enterprises, control the cost from the source to find the profit gap;, to improve the awareness of risk prevention in feed coal purchasing; to be considered in terms of both efficiency and efficiency in operation and settlement so as to raise sales revenue; to further enhance the cost consciousness and management consciousness, fully stimulate the internal impetus and promote the enterprise harmony and stability.