Provincial Federation of Trade Union Accepted National ¡®Ankang Cup¡¯ Competition Winning Unit Constru

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February 6, provincial federation of trade unions labor protection department minister Li Piwang and vice chairman of provincial coal mine union Fan Xiuzhong checked and accepted the winning unit construction of the national ‘Ankang Cup’ competition in Malan Mine.

The inspection team visited the five-star safety workstation and checked their working records and operation condition.

 After hearing the report, Li Piwang gave affirmation to the work of Malan Mine and made his suggestions. He said that Malan Mine corresponded to the specification of ‘Ankang Cup’ competition winning unit, but safety had no end and it was expected to give full play to the initiative and creativity of the workers to participate in the mass production safety, establish and improve a long-term mechanism to a higher level.