Xishan Coal Electricity Convened the 3rd Session of the 22th Workers Congress and 2018 Working Meeti

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February 2, Xishan Coal and Electricity convened the 3rd session of the 22th Workers Congress and 2018 working meeting to sum up comprehensively the work in 2017 and arrange the next work in 2018, and called on most leaders and workers to stick to the faith, raise up the spirit, show the new achievements, go carefully the first step, and advance firmly towards the splendid goal of ‘the world's most influential coking coal enterprises’.

 Group company leaders Wang Yubao, Guo Fuzhong, Xu Junming, Wang Chengshi, Guo Wenbin, He Zhihong, Wang Yongxin, Yu Lin, Li Jian, Wang Leiying, Li Xiaodong, Dai Yonglu, Yu Jianjun and the general counsel Wang Jingying attended the meeting. At the same time, Group Company board director, shareholder representative, China Cinda Shanxi Branch of CoO(Chief of Operations) Tian Junqiang, shareholder representative, China Construction Bank Shanxi Branch asset preservation department general manager Qin Jinhong, and Group Company supervisory board supervisor and China Cinda Shanxi Branch project manager Lei Hao were also invited to the meeting.