Xishan Coal Electricity Won ¡®Golden Flying Wing Award¡¯ of Shanxi Listed Company

2018-03-22 11:47:08  Views£º

January 29th, China listed company industrial upgrading summit and the first annual conference of Shanxi capital market transformation and development in 2018 were held solemnly in Taiyuan, co-sponsored by China listed company industrial upgrading summit organizing committee, Shanxi Capital Research Association, finance we-media Shanxi Province Capital Circle and economics, Shanxi Securities and Yangquan Coal Industry Company, and government leaders, experts, scholars, executives of listed companies and financial institutions representatives ,more than 400 people, attended.

In the summit around the theme of new era, new capital and new opportunities, experts and scholars, corporate executives gathered to talk about the opportunities of Chinese listed companies industrial upgrading and Shanxi capital market transition development under the new era. In addition, the outstanding Shanxi listed companies, NEEQ listed companies and regional institutions were honored with the ‘golden flying wing award’ in 2017.

Among them, there were 10 enterprises, including Xishan Coal Electricity, won ‘Golden Flying Wing Award’ of Shanxi listed company.