Tunlan Mine Passed the Acceptance of National First-class Safety Standardization

2018-03-22 11:45:23  Views£º

January 28th and 29th, State Administration of Work Safety research center director Zhang Zhaogeng led the expert panel of 12 members to review and check national first-class safety standardization construction in Tunlan Mine, provincial coal industry department and Shanxi Coking Coal Group related heads, Xishan Coal Electricity Group deputy general manager and safety supervisor bureau director Dai Yonglu accompanied.

In the acceptance inspection, observing the assessing rules of national first-class safety standardization mine, the panel checked carefully and comprehensively the mine construction through site inspection and data access. January 29 afternoon, the expert panel informed the inspection situation in the multi-functional meeting room, pointed out the existing problems and work recommendations in the next step. After careful examination and comprehensive evaluation, the panel announced that Tunlan Mine passed the acceptance of national first-class safety standardization.