Pang Chongya Came to Xishan Coal Electricity to Collect Data for Coal Mine.

2018-03-22 11:43:27  Views

In order to make the complication of China National Culture and Art Records for Coal Industry more accurately and precisely, January 22nd, CCMLPF(China Coal Mine Literature &Publicity Foundation) director-general and vice chairman Pang Chongya and his party visited Xishan Coal and Electricity to investigate the cultural relics, historic sites, customs, folk art, and so on and so forth within the mining area , Shanxi Coking Coal Group trade union chairman Deng Baoping  and Group Company trade union chairman Guo Wenbin participated in.

Pang Chongya said, according to the arrangement of LCCI (China Literature Committee of Coal Industry), after collecting, sorting and compiling in the past more than two years, China National Culture and Art Records for Coal Industry had passed the final review and entered the revised and finalized stage. The purpose of this trip was to collect information on the customs, folk arts and cultural facilities of the mining area, and to fully reflect the full picture of China's coal industry culture and art.

Pang Chongya and his party went to Baijiazhuang ‘Ten rooms’ lived by Japanese army in the period of Japanese-Puppet regime, the bunker, stone cave and Gaojiahe, ‘Chang wanglin’ and Nankeng successively to gather information.