Wang Yubao Received Qu Zhongrang of Dadi Hoding Group

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January 16, Shanxi Dadi environmental investment holding co., LTD., party secretary and chairman QuZhongrang, vice secretary of party committee, vice chairman and general manager Zhu Jingxue and their group visited Xishan Coal and Electricity to discuss the cooperation and promotion of the related work, such as mine environmental governance, Group company leaders Wang Yubao, He Zhihong, Wang Leiying attended.

QuZhongrang said in the discussion that approved by the provincial government to be founded in August 2017, as an professional wholly state-owned company to engaged in land rearrangement, solid waste disposal and mine repair investment and financing business , Shanxi Dadi environmental investment holding company expected to know more about the specific needs in geological governance, ecological restoration and country's mining park construction of Xishan Coal and Electricity and looking forward to a cooperation.

Group chairman and party secretary Wang Yubao said that the establishment of Dadi holding company was a significant decision in the reform of state-owned assets in our province, and also an important measure in promoting the ecological civilization and environmental governance. Xishan Coal and Electricity had spent a lot of manpower and material resources in the mine environmental governance for many years and hoped Dadi holding company could make a professional and efficient environmental management plan with the vision and thought of sustainable development for Xishan to improve the mining area environment in the both joint efforts.