New Editor of Xishan Coal Electricity Electronic Newspaper Online

2018-01-17 11:31:53  Views£º

At five thirty-nine past five p.m. of December 29, when Xishan Coal and Electricity Group chairman and party secretary Wang Yubao clicked the button ‘launch’ in the News Center, the new e-paper Xishan Coal and Electricity ( went live.

The original Xishan Coal and Electricity electronic newspaper was launched on November 20 of 2012 and had been running for five years with some disadvantages of old system and no-supporting mobile communication terminal browsing. Adopting the new e-paper Xpaper all-media digital system, built up in the virtualization platforms of Group Company DMZ (demilitarized zone), the new e-paper greatly increased its safety, convenience and beauty, and the visitors could enter the above address directly through Xishan Coal and Electricity's official website, official WeChat public platform or mobile browser to read Xishan Coal and Electricity newspaper online.