Taiyuan SASAC Held a Symposium in Xishan Coal Electricity to Promote the Separation and Handover of

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December 12, Taiyuan SASAC director Liu Junhua and the responsible units of power supply, water supply and heat supply to hold ‘three supply and poverty management’ separation and handover work symposium in Group Company to solve the problems existing in the handover work, coordinate to promote the separation, Xishan Coal Electricity leaders Wang Yubao and Guo Fuzhong participated in.

In the discussion, the power supply, water supply and heating supply departments of Taiyuan put forward suggestions and opinions on the problems existing in the handover. The heads of Gujiao City, Wanbailin District, Jiancaoping District and Yingze District involving in the separation work, said they would actively cooperate with Taiyuan municipal government and Xishan Coal Electricity to complete the separation and handover.

Xishan Coal and Electricity chairman and party secretary Wang Yubao said that as an old enterprise with surplus staff and heavy burden, the separation and handover of ‘three supply and poverty management’ was helpful to ease the burden on enterprises. He hoped that in the process of the handover, the city government could recruit qualified employees to help the enterprises to do a good job in the placement and promote the social harmony and stability.