Taiyuan Federation of Disabled Persons Investigated in Xishan Coal Electricity

2018-01-17 11:27:06  Views

December 11, Taiyuan Federation of Disabled Persons party secretary and chairman Gao Jinhu and his group came to Xishan Coal Electricity to investigate the work of disabled people, and Group Company vice general manager and chairman of the disabled federation Yu Lin and the staff participated in the research symposium.

In the conference, Xishan disabled persons' federation reported the working condition of 2017 and the working thought in 2018 from organization construction, professional training, welfare enterprises development, as well as the material support, medical aid and psychological and rehabilitation training for the disabled, and so on, and put forward the existing difficulties and problems in the work for disabled persons.

Yu Lin expressed thanks for the help and support of Taiyuan Federation of Disabled Persons for many years. He said that providing better service for disabled workers was the responsibility of the enterprise, and Xishan Coal Electricity would always help the disabled to earn their own living and realize their self-worth.

Subsequently, the disabled staff accompanied Gao Jinhu and his group to visit Xishan Welfare Factory.