CCTV ¡®Super Equipment¡¯ Film Crew Came to Shoot the Intelligent Mechanized Mining Equipment of Xiegou

2017-12-28 16:27:15  Views£º

During Double Eleven, CCTV came to Xishan Coal Electricity Jinxing Xiegou Mine to shoot the working scene of the intelligent coal mining machine.

As a large-scale documentary financed by CCTV, focusing on the domestic top equipment, Super Equipment fully show the advanced level of equipment manufacturing industry in China, and the developing trend to huge, overweight, ultra-micro and superfinishing direction in the future, and also show the world China's innovation creation ability.

Being one selected item of CCTV ‘Super Equipment’, the intelligent fully-mechanized equipment of Xiegou Mine was also the first to be used in domestic coal field with good traction, reliable operation, long service life, high efficiency, simple structure, greatly narrowed fuselage, and perfect testing & monitoring system, which could realize automation control and unmanned or less human operations. It greatly reduced the labor intensity, meanwhile, improved the mining efficiency and recovery rate of coal resources, and realized the equipment automation, intelligent operation and management information. As a model of high yield and high efficiency and saving-costs production, the intelligent equipment enhanced considerably the core competitiveness of the coal mining enterprises and was worthy of the modern super equipment in coal mine production.