Xishan Held Yearbook Compilation Work Meeting and Training Session

2017-12-28 16:25:24  Views£º

November 9, Xishan Coal Electricity Group held yearbook compiling working meeting and training session to summarize the yearbook compiling work in recent years and arrange the future work, more than 100 yearbook writing staff of each unit and department attended.

It specially invited Guo Jianping, director of development utilization department of Shanxi Chorography Office to give special tutorials on the common language and text issues in the local Chronicles. Guo combined with their practical experience, distinguished to explain the importance of language, the basic requirement of the local language, literature problems in annual compiling and effective measures to improve the language ability.

In the conference, Archives Department gave a detailed instructions on pictures submission, written specifications, special terms, significant events and matters needing attention in compiling and soliciting contributions, asked yearbook compiling staff to strengthen sense of responsibility, collect information well, improve the level of business and ensure the quality of publication.