Wang Yubao Met General Manager of Taiyuan Branch of

2017-12-28 16:24:04  Views

November 2, Xishan Coal Electricity Group chairman and party secretary Wang Yubao met with Dong Pei, general manager of China Telecom Taiyuan Branch, to discuss strategic cooperation.

Dong Pei briefly introduced the operation situation of Taiyuan branch of China Telecom and thought that Xishan had good foundation of cooperation with China telecom, hoped both sides to strengthen communication, expand cooperation fields and achieve win-win cooperation. At the same time, Taiyuan branch of China Telecom would provide the high-quality service for Xishan Coal and Electricity as always.

Wang said the information construction of Xishan Coal and Electricity couldn’t do without the help and support of telecom, expected two sides to strengthen communication in the future, seek more opportunities, collaborate with each other, make new technology and ideas of China telecom to dock with coal industry, provide support for enterprise information construction and the transformation development, which all contributed to achieve common development.