Xishan Coal Electricity Invited German Experts to Talk About Transformation Development

2017-12-28 16:21:36  Views£º

November 1, Xishan Coal and Electricity organized a training to learn Germany Ruhr and coal industry structural adjustment, Group Company chairman and party secretary Wang Yubao, deputy general manager Li Jian, the chief accountant Li Xiaodong, deputy general manager Yu Jianjun, general counsel Wang Jingying and the relevant departments’ leaders took part in.

The Germany trainer£¬76 - year - old Dieter Blumke, was engaged in long-term work in coal mine safety production and management professionals training since he was 17 years old, experienced German coal and iron steel industry to resolve capacity and enterprise transformation process, and at present was the expert member of WHO international social security convention coal mining department. He once came to Guandi Mine in 1999 and successively visited Malan and Tunlan Mine, and it was the 108th time he set foot in China.

When it came to coal enterprise transformation, Mr. Blumek mainly explained the transformation of Ruhr Region, including the background of transformation and the extension of industry, among which the experiences in all aspects, such as the transformation in the organizational structure, personnel shunt, and utilization of old industrial facilities, could be a reference for the transformation development of Group Company.

After the meeting, Wang Yubao and Mr. Blumek exchanged gifts to welcome the arrival of Mr Brumek, who said that if necessary , he would like to set foot on Chinese soil the 109th and 110th times.