Vice Secretary of Commission and Governor of Wanbailin District Yuan Erming Came to Visit

2017-12-07 09:58:09  Views:

October 11, Xishan Coal and Electricity Group chairman, Party secretary Wang Yubao, vice secretary of standing Party committee Xu Junming met vice secretary of commission and governor of Wanbailin District Yuan Erming and deputy governor Chen Qingling and his group, and took in-depth exchanges on promoting the enterprise co-prosperity.

Yuan Erming thanked Xishan Coal Electricity to make contribution to the industrial development and economic prosperity of Wanbailin District for years. Wang Yubao welcomed the visit of the guests and expressed appreciation to their work style of Wan Bailin district and thanked the government's attention to Group Company. Wan Bailin district government once gave great support and helps in Xishan development and construction more than 60 years, and formed a profound friendship and good relations of mutual independence in complete harmony. Currently Xishan focus on the specification management, , mining park construction, and mining area reconstruction, which expected to get government support, strengthen the communication and build a coal transformation demonstration area in Shanxi Province.

At the meeting, the heads of the relevant departments of both sides also held consultations on specific issues.