Xishan Team won the First Prize in Taiyuan Professional Safety and Health Knowledge Competition

2017-09-12 17:15:12  Views:

On August 29, Taiyuan professional safety and health knowledge contest final was concluded in Xishan Building, and Xishan Coal Electricity Group team won the first prize.Wang Xingwang, vice chairman of Shanxi Federation of trade unions, Taiyuan trade unions chairman Feng Jinsheng and vice chairman Han Tiezhu, Xishan Coal Electricity Group trade union chairman Guo Wenbin watched the competition and presented awards to the winning teams.

The competition consisted of required question, quick answer, quick answer, case problem, risk problem, quick response, progressive and quick response, and the contents involved safety production policies, safety production laws and regulations, occupational disease prevention and control, and labor protection knowledge, etc.. After fierce competition, Xishan Coal Electricity team won the first prize, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., LTD. team, China Chemical Engineering Second Construction Corporation team gained the second prize, CRRC Taiyuan Co. LTD., Taiyuan Water Supply Company and Taiyuan Yellow River Water Supply co., LTD., listed the third place.