Xishan Coal Electricity Held New OTC Market Special Training

2017-09-12 17:12:51  Views:

August 23, Xishan Coal Electricity held New OTC(Over the Counter)  Market special training, the heads of the relevant departments and the grass-roots units attended the training to learn more about New OTC Market policies and operation methods, aiming to promote the enterprises to accelerate the preparation of New OTC Market.

The training invited Shanghai Allbright law offices lawyer Wang Qinghua to carry on a detailed explanation on the New OTC Market business system, the basic framework, promulgated regulations and the relevant legal provisions of nterprises listed and so on.
It was understood that there were 11,613 listed companies in China at present and 77 were in Shanxi Province. Shanxi Coking Coal was a pilot enterprise of state-owned capital operating company and Xishan Coal and Electricity was a pioneer of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises in Shanxi Coking Coal, so New OTC Market listed was good for setting up enterprise brand, improI ve the corporate image, and open market more effectively; it was helpful for enterprises to absorb venture capital investment, introduce strategic investors and carry out capital operation, for example, capital acquisition and restructuring; It also was propitious to establish the modern enterprise system, standardize the operation of enterprises, improve the corporate governance structure and promote the healthy development of enterprises.