Geng Yanbo Visits Xishan Coal Electricity Again for on-site Office

2017-09-12 17:07:13  Views:

Aug. 7, Taiyuan municipal party committee deputy secretary and mayor Geng Yanbo led the related department head came to Xishan Coal Electricity for on-site office, required to accelerate the demolition process, ensure Huyu River expressway renovation project completed on schedule, Group Company deputy general manager Wang Leiying and heads of public utilities branch, security office and information accessing departmnet participated in.

Geng Yanbo and his group reviewed the detailed Huyu river expressway planning and design drawing, understood the engineering construction progress, asked Xishan Coal Electricity to make plan to the invert the time limit, accelerate building demolition involved the reform, finished the resettlement of staff and their familiy members to ensure the project completed on schedule; at the same time, the government departments were required to actively cooperate with enterprises and give strong sopport in demolition, land compensation and overall planning.