Wang Yubao Met with Chairman of Xiang Kuang Group Mi Ruzhong

2017-09-12 17:04:20  Views

August 2, Shanxi Xiang Kuang Group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Xiang Kuang Group) chairman and party secretary Mi Ruzhong and his group visited Xishan Coal Electricity Group, and Xishan leaders Wang Yubao, Yu Lin, and Li Xiaodong had a friendly discussion with the visitors.

Mi Ruzhong introduced that located in Xiangyuan county of Changzhi city, as a wholly state-owned enterprise, Xiang Kuang Group involved coal coke, smelting, electric power, chemical industry and other fields. At present, the circular economy industrial chain of Xiang Kuang Group met electricity bottlenecks in new projects, and through cooperation with the power plants belongs to Xishan Coal Electricity it hoped to explore coal and electricity integration, extend the industrial chain and achieve win-win cooperation.

Group chairman and party secretary Wang Yubao said that the both sides would strengthen the communication, in comply with relevant policy of provincial government, seek better cooperation plans and promote the stable sustainable development of enterprise.