Wang Yubao Researched Staff Education Center

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July 25, Xishan Coal and Electricity Group chairman and party secretary Wang Yubao led the related department head to research the staff education center, required to exericise the internal works and innovate the training methods and provide strong support for the safety in production.

After hearing the report on the introduction, business and logistics, and so on of the staff education center, Wang Yubao pointed out that its establishment mainly to create conditions to improve the skills and quality of the cadres and workers, and now the hardware and software had been in very good conditions, it’s time to increase the intensity of training and let the trainees master new technology and knowledge; to exercise the internal works, innovate training methods and take the road of profit and loss. We should improve the quality of all staff, ensure education training effective and provide strong support for safe production.

During the investigation, Wang Yubao visited the training room of the center, the integrated simulation laboratory of modern mine, the simulation laboratory of the comprehensive excavation working face, and the operation training rooms of the coal mining machine and the driving machine.