Geng Yanbo Came to Xishan for Live-office

2017-08-10 11:34:44  Views£º

July 21, deputy secretary of Taiyuan municipal party committee and mayor Geng Yanbo led the relevant departments to Xishan for live-office, and investigated and instructed the related issues of Ximing Rroad and  west outer ring road reconstruction, accompanied by Wang Yubao, Xishan Coal Electricity chairman and Party secretary .

Geng Yanbo and his group came to the intersection of Ximing Road and the outer ring road, and got detailed information about the road planning, the reservation of the supporting pipe network, the elevated and under crossing scheme. He also said the planning and reconstruction of Ximing Road and west outer ring road should consider fully local residents’ safe travel during road closure, plan and coordinate in many ways, ensure the supporting of municipal planning in place to start as soon as possible, alleviate the pressure of Xishan people’s travel and ascende mining area urbanization.