Vice Governor He Tiancai Researched in Xishan Coal Electricity : Striving for Long-term Stability an

2017-08-10 11:25:09  Views

July 6, Shanxi Province vice governor He Tiancai went down to the 18401 working face of Tunlan Mine to acquire detailed knowledge of safety production. Liu dezheng and Gao Jianjun, deputy secretary-general of the provincial government, provincial coal department chief Xiang Erniu, provincial work-safety bureau director Huo Hongyi, Shanxi Coal Supervision Bureau chief Bu Changsen and other leaders, Shanxi Coking Coal and Xishan Coal and Electricity Group Company leadership Wu Huatai, Jin Zhixin, Yang Xinhua, Wang Yubao, Guo Fuzhong and He Zhihong participated in the research.

In the meeting room of complex building in Tunlan mine , by examing the mine map, He Tiancai understood the mine distribution, coal type, reserves, mining deployment, coal mining technology, gas control and ventilation system.

In the track lane of 18401 working face, He Tiancai checked the tunnel support, gas drainage pipeline and monitoring equipment, and inspected the gas pipeline discharge facilities and the air device on site.

After listenning to the report of Shanxi Coking Coal Group chairman and party secretary Wu Huatai, He Tiancai pointed out that Shanxi Coking Coal had seriously implement the Party and state policies and regulations, work around quality and efficiency, innovation-driven development and transformation and upgrading, improve management and realize conscientious reform with persistent and practical work, and gain great effect on safety in production, operation and management, de-capacity, advanced capacity construction and sustainable development, which all contributed to a bomming business.