Xishan Coal Electricity Convened Commendation Meeting

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June 30, Xishan Coal Electricity Group Company convened grandly the commendation meeting to commemorate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China and commend the excellent collectives and individuals emergered over the past year, which encouraged the party organizations at all levels and party members to firm confidence, overcome difficults, reform and innovate and promote the enterprise’s healthy development. 

Group Company leaders Wang Yubao, Guo Fuzhong, Wang Chengshi, Guo Wenbin, He Zhihong, Wang Yongxin, Yu Lin and Li Jian, Wang Leiying, Li Xiaodong and the general counsel Wang Jingying  attended the meeting chaired by executive deputy secretary of party committee Xu Junming ,and awarded prizes for advanced party organization ,excellent communist Party member and outstanding staff in party affairs.

The conference began with the National Anthem of all party members to sing, Group Company general manager and safety bureau director Guo Fuzhong read commendation decision, and party standing committee and secretary of the commission for discipline inspection Wang Yongxin read out the list.

In his speech, wang yubao, party secretary and chairman of the party committee of the group, stressed that xi's visit to shanxi greatly enhanced the confidence of the people of the whole province. Party organizations at all levels and the broad masses of party members uphold the "double" concept, to reform and innovation, bold challenge, good at overcome difficult, don't forget to beginner's mind, move on, solid push forward the work and to greet the 19 big victory party congress with honors.

After the meeting, Wang Yubao took the oath and all party members swore together to review the oath of joining the party, and then watched workers chorus final with the theme of patriotic song to Xishan.