Guo Fuzhong Talks about Auditing Rectification

2017-07-12 08:31:56  Views:

June 21, Xishan Coal Electricity Group held audit rectification working meeting, Group Company leaders Guo Fuzhong, Wang Yongxin, Wang Leiying, Li Xiaodong and the heads of relevant departments and grass-roots units attended.

Group Company audit office made a notification of all problems found during the previous audits, and deputy chief accountant Li Jiazheng read out and explained ‘Xishan Coal Electricity Group Company management measueres of audit rectification ’. 

General manager and safety bureau director Guo Fuzhong said in his speech that it was the most serious meeting since he took office ,which exposed problems and everyone felt afraid in the mind ,and also gave specific advices on the audit and rectification work.

The chief accountant Li Xiaodong asked the units to carefully comb the existing problems, make audit rectification measures, actively conduct audit and rectification work.