Xishan Coal and Electricity 2016 Workers Skills Contest

2017-07-11 15:21:31  Views£º

June 2£¬the theory examination of Xishan Coal Electricity Group workers skills contest was held as scheduled in safety training center, which marked an official opening of Group Company workers skills contest in 2017 ,Group Company general manager and safety bureau director Guo Fuzhong, deputy general manager Li Jian toured the examination room. 

The competition consists of theory exam and practical operation, conducted respectively on June 2 and 5, and from June 3 to 20. 625 competitors from 12 operating posts, 5 technical jobs and 7 management positions would enter the contest. 

It was understood that except the previous jobs, the competition increased 8 types of works, for example, labor payroll administrator, statistician, network administrator, environmental monitoring, safety section chief, news writing, archivist, secretary of Youth League Committee.