Taiyuan City and Wanbailin District Deputies to People's Congress Researched in Xishan

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April 24, director of the standing committee of people's congress Hou An led Taiyuan City and deputies of the people's congresses in Wanbailin District came to investigate industry transformation and upgrading, accompanied by chairman and communist party secretary Wang Yubao of xishan and vice general manager Wang Leiying.

Hou An and his group went to Xishan National Mine Park construction site, Guandi Mine, Xishan Heat Power Plant for field research. In the later meeting, Wang Yubao briefly introduced the basic situation of the enterprises, the main measures of structural reform of coal supply front, and the development direction. The researchers at the meeting advised on reconstruction of old mines, capital operation and development model,etc.

With coal overcapacity and economic downturn , Xishan Coal and Electricity took effective measures to get rid of the predicament and obtained some effectiveness. Hou An expected Xishan to update idea, propel reform and innovation, and promote construction of a strong industry area in Wan Bailin District.

Wang Yubao thanked the researchers’ advises, hoped the two sides to discuss, strengthen cooperation for common development and win-win; At the same time, he asked NPC delegates call more on mine park construction, mining area highway transfer and channel management, etc, work together to build Xishan Coal and Electricity and Wan Bailin District better.