Xishan Coal Electricity Won many Honors of Advanced Enterprise for CNCA

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April 13, at the the sixth meeting of CNCA (China National Coal Association)fourth session council held in Beijing , Xishan Coal Electricity Group deputy secretary of Party committee Xu Junming accepted the honorary certificate of ‘2014-2015 annual CNCA advanced enterprises for energy conservation and emissions reduction’ issued by CNCA president Wang Xianzheng.

At the conference, Xishan Coal and Electricity also gain other honors --

The project‘intelligent transport system development and demonstration application of thousands tons of fully mechanized working face’ jointly researched with Taiyuan Science and Technology University was awared the first science and technology prize in 2016 coal industry .

Group company 11 mines were named 2014-2015 coal industrial safe and efficient mine (open-pit), among which Dongqu, Malan and Tunlan Mine were rated as super-grade safe and efficient mine, Xiqu, Zhenchengdi, Duerping, Guandi, Ximing, Lvliang Deshun coal company,, Yachen coal company and Linfen Shenghui coal company were entitled as first grade safe and efficient mine;

Malan Mine was horned China's coal industry ‘double top-ten coal mine’ from 2014 to 2015, Tunlan Mine was rated as the advanced mine, and Malan original manager Xue Rungen and Tunlan manager Dai Yonglu all were as elected excellent mine managers.