Wang Yubao Met with COFCO Coca-Cola Co.Chairman Luan Xiuju

2017-04-06 17:28:35  Views£º

March 20, COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages co., LTD., chairman and CEO Luan Xiuju and her group visited Group Company, chairman and party secretary Wang Yubao, chief accountant Li Xiaodong had a friendly discussion with the visiting guests .

During the discussion, LuanXiuju briefly introduced the basic situation and the development direction in the future of COFCO, expressed that COFCO and Xishan Coal and Electricity had deep feelings for many years, it would be expected the two sides to strengthen contact and communicate with each other , and also hoped to continue to obtain support and help from Xishan Coal and Electricity in the future.

Wang Yubao said that currently state-owned assets and enterprises reform in Shanxi Province had been in full swing and Xishan Coal and Electricity was in the period of transformation development and also hoped COFCO to offer us useful experience and management pattern, strengthen exchanges to seek cooperation projects, expand cooperation areas for common development.