Wang Yubao Inspects Gujiao Emergency Center Building

2017-04-06 17:21:45  Views

In the afternoon of March 13 , Xishan Coal and Electricity Group chairman and Party secretary Wang Yubao visited Gujiao mining area general hospital to inspect the key engineering projects, that was, Gujiao mining area emergency center building.

The building, started start on August 11, 2013, had16 upper floors and 1 underground floor with a total construction area of 29,850 square meters and a total investment of 190.2 million yuan. After three years, the project had been finished currently ,the relevant formalities were ready and would choose an auspicious day to move in.

Wang Yubao and his group visited the center building the clean operating department, ICU, , obstetrics and gynecology deparment super family ward and other standard room. Every layer, Wang Yubao had a detailed knowledge to the layout, facilities, ward function, etc., and carefully listened to the report on hospital development planning, gradient training, information construction and relocation of the new building.

Wang also affirmed its achievements and required the center to master and use well the reform policy of national medical health system; strengthen technological innovation and set up cultural brand; improve the service quality and build a carrier in medical service.