Xishan Held Contract Management Cordination Meeting

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February 28, Xishan Coal Electricity Group enterprise management department and the audit department took the lead in the contrct management coordination meeting.

At the meeting, Jincheng Company, Jinxin Company, Fivelin Coalcoke Company, Coal Gasification Company and Tunlan Coal Preparation Plant ,five contract management pilot units reported the progress in the last two months, the problems and difficulties ,what it need Group Company to coordinate in order to arrange the work next step for the relevant departments..

It was reported that the five pilot units had basically formed a contract management mode by recruiting staff, establishing working team, signing a contract, formulating measures and optimize management, decomposed indicators layer upon layer to fulfill responsibilitiy, and obviously improved the staff’s enthusiasm. From the current situation, the contract management started well and obtained obvious effect.

After the report, enterprise management department and the audit department asked questions to the pilot units and some was required to respond on the site and the rest would be discussed and solved after combing and summarizing.