Xishan Coal Electricity 11 Mines Obtained the Title of Safe and Efficient Mine

2017-03-22 17:05:42  Views

Recently, China Coal Industry Association 2014-2015 annual coal industry safe and efficient mines (open-pit) were announced, and 763 mines were selected, including super grade mines of 338, first grade mines of 329 and second grade of 96. 11 mines of Xishan Coal and Electricity also won the award.

Among them, Malan Mine, Dongqu Mine and Tunlan Mine were awarded as super safe and efficient mines; Duerping Mine, Ximing Mine, Guandi Mine, Xiqu Mine, Zhenchengdi Mine, Xishan Deshun Coal Industry, Xishan Yachen Coal Industry and Xishan Shenghui Coal Industry attained the title of the first grade safe and efficient mine.