Xishan Convenes Logistics Marketization Reform Promotion Meeting

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February 15, Xishan Coal Electricity convened logistics system marketization reform promotion meeting presided over by Group Company general manager and director of Work Safety Bureau Guo Fuzhong, Group Company leaders Wang Yubao, Guo Fuzhong, Wang Leiying, Li Xiaodong and heads of the relevant departments and units attended.

In the meeting, Public Utilities Authority gave an account of the overall promotion of logistics marketzation reform. Baijiazhuang Coal Mining Company, Duerping Mine, Ximing Mine and other units reported on the actual situation and the existing main problems in their own logistics marketization reforms and Guo Fuzhong, Wang Leiying and Li Xiaodong respectively put forward opinions and suggestions.

Group chairman and party secretary Wang Yubao stressed that logistics marketization reform were imperative and the country required to separate logistics from the enterprise in three years, adapt to the society and realize socialization and marketization transfer.