Governor LouYangsheng Inspects Xishan Coal and Electricity: Encourage to Enhance Market Competitiven

2017-03-22 16:52:56  Views

On February 3, Shanxi provincial party committee deputy secretary and governor LouYangsheng researched state-asset and state-owned enterprises reform in Xishan Coal Electricity Group. Member of the standing committee of provincial party committee and executive vice governor Gao Jianmin, member of the standing committee of provincial party committee and vice governor Sun Shaopin, secretary-general of the provincial government Wang Chun, the director of provincial land & resources Xu Dachun, the director of provincial finance department Wu Tao, the director of provincial coal industry department Xiang Erniu, provincial Sasac director Guo Baomin took part in the research, accompanied by Shanxi Coking Coal and Xishan Coal and Electricity leadership Wu Huatai, Jin Zhixin, Li Xingren, Wang Yubao and Guo Fuzhong.

In the meeting room of Group Company, Lou Yangsheng understood the distribution, reserves and type of coal resources according to Shanxi Coking Coal mines distribution . Shanxi Coking Coal Group chairman and party secretary Wu Huatai  and Xishan Coal and Electricity Group chairman and party secretary Wang Yubao delivered work reports respectively. In the chief dispatching center, LouYangsheng viewed the mine safety production and gas monitoring system through video.

Then, Lou Yangsheng and his party successively came to research Tunlan coal preparation plant, Tunlan coal blending plant, Xingneng power generation company, Tunlan gas power plant and the second coking plant of coal gasification company, and asked for information about circular economy construction and enterprise operation. Everywhere he went he examined the running status of equipments, understood the index, process technology, safety production, cost accounting, economic benefits, market development and environmental protection, etc., and also to know the front-line staff’s working life, and put forward some valuable suggestionsfor futher development.